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In this CLGS Lavender Lunch, Jude Johnson shares their experience of providing spiritual care for LGBTQ Veterans of the VA medical system in the Inland Empire of California. The desert cities in Southern California pose unique challenges in seeking support for LGBTQ individuals as the resources tend to be located in larger cities near the coast.  Jude also discusses their experiences in educating allies in the VA medical system and advocacy for trans-competent health care.

Jude Johnson (they/them) received their Certificate in Sexuality and Religion and their MDiv degree from Pacific School of Religion; they are a Member in Discernment with the United Church of Christ.

They facilitate educational and allyship workshops in gender identity and serve as an advisor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries in the Southern California Nevada Conference of the UCC. They are currently a chaplain at the VA Loma Linda serving veterans, with a special emphasis on LGBTQ veterans.

This CLGS Lavender Lunch was recorded on 14 December 2021.

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