AAPI Zine Project

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Sublime Divinations, Issue 3: Queer AAPI Elemental Magic Zine Release & Public Reading: An Online CLGS Sacred Texts Workshop with Maij Mai


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS AAPI Workshop! Last semester, AAPIRT Coordinator Maij Vu Mai (they/he) offered an intimate storytelling workshop in which they shared personal archival research of their own vulnerable connections and learnings with Queer AAPI Elemental Magic through their father’s legacy of mystic tending to bonsai trees, koi fishponds, […]

Decolonizing Spiritual/Faith-Based Exploration and Formation: An Online CLGS Lavender Lunch with Maij Mai

Click here to view a recording of this CLGS Lavender Lunch! In this online CLGS Lavender Lunch Maij Mai explores what possibilities can exist when cultivating spiritual/faith-based exploration and formation spaces, particularly for marginalized communities whose experiences do not align with institutionalized faith-based spaces, communities, and traditions. Maij also considers a variety of decolonial possibilities in […]