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Queer Muslim Organizing | A CLGS Lavender Lunch

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Click here for a video recording of this online CLGS event! CLGS has a rich tradition of creating dialogues and curriculums for communities of color intersecting queer identity and religious faith.  In our first Lavender Lunch of 2023-2024 we welcome Shenaaz Janmohamed and Ramish Nadeem who share with us their experiences of working for LGBTQ […]

The Spirit of Pride: Jewish Lesbian History and Storytelling


Click Here to view a video recording of this CLGS Jewish Queeries Series! Rabbi Julie Greenberg has been a queer activist for fifty years.  She is one of the first out lesbians admitted to rabbinical seminary, and has been an organizer in our community on many different justice issues in different cities throughout the country.  Please join […]

One More Mountain to Climb: The Past, Present, and Future of LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent

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Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS African American Roundtable Event! In this latest offering from the CLGS African American Roundtable, pioneers Wilhelmina Perry and Ronald Moore, co-founders of the LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent share their experience of forming the organization, with a focus on the particular issues they have […]

I Came Here Seeking a Person: An Online CLGS Lavender Lunch with Bill Glenn


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS event! In this online CLGS Lavender Lunch Bill Glenn reads from – and comments upon – his recently-published book I Came Here Seeking a Person (Paulist Press, 2022). This book is a spiritually-focused memoir: from Bill’s childhood in a Midwestern Irish Catholic family in the 50’s and 60’s; through […]

LGBTQ Advocacy in El Salvador with Rev. Rhina Ramos. An Online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS event! In this Online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation PSR alum Rev. Rhina Ramos shares her experiences working with LGBTQ communities in El Salvador. Rev. Rhina Ramos is the pastor of Ministerio Latino, an open and affirming UCC congregation in Oakland, California. Ministerio Latino is a Spanish-speaking […]

52 Ways #51: Create a Calendar of LGBTQ Events for Next Year

Get ready for next year by planning ahead to recognize important holidays and events in LGBTQ communities.  You can work with the leadership of your community of faith to incorporate these into worship, educational programs, outreach events, and more.  Select which holidays, events, and commemorations are most applicable to your situation and make plans accordingly. […]

52 Ways #50: Build Alliances with LGBTQ Communities Outside of Your Congregation

Once your congregation has made the decision to welcome and include LGBTQ people, don’t keep the news of your welcome within the walls of the congregation – spread the word!  There are many effective ways of doing this, including regular congregational advertisements in the gay and straight press (both online and print); postings on the […]