LGBTQ Pastoral Care

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52 Ways #8: Welcome and Support LGBTQ Seniors

Seniors are important members of our faith communities, attending services, volunteering, contributing to committees and much more. There are also many ways our congregations support older adults in need—visiting those who are shut-in or in nursing homes, offering social gatherings and support groups, providing meals and more. The Diverse Elders Coalition notes that there are […]

52 Ways #7: Fully Incorporate LGBTQ People in Your Preaching and Teaching

If LGBTQ people are to truly be able to apply the messages that are preached and taught in our communities of faith, we, like all people, need to hear words that are relevant to our lives. That means using examples and concepts that include people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. This is vital […]

52 Ways #6: Learn More about LGBTQ People in your Community

Take some time and learn more about LGBTQ people, especially those in your local community. It is important to understand the joys and challenges that the community experiences beyond the stereotypes. Recognize that there are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in every racial and cultural group. Do some investigation: Find and explore […]

52 Ways #4: Regularly Affirm LGBTQ People and Our Families

26 January 2024 This week we want to emphasize the value of positive messages.  LGBTQ people and our families are exposed to homophobic and transphobic messages all the time — from preachers on the car radio, legislators pushing anti-trans bathroom bills, jokes around the water cooler, relatives who don’t understand, and on and on.  Or […]

The Future of Queer Religious Communities | A CLGS Lavender Lunch

Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS Lavender Lunch! The 1960’s began the rise of “out and proud” religious communities that welcomed LGBTQ+ people to come as their authentic selves.  Congregational life and leadership has evolved since that time and the question of the relevance of queer congregations is debated today. In this CLGS […]

52 Ways #3: Build Coalitions

19 January 2024 Build coalitions with other communities of faith who are engaged in similar work and are LGBTQ inclusive! Working together in coalition can strengthen our work and remind us that we are part of a larger community. We can accomplish more together than we can as individuals. Find out which other congregations in […]

52 Ways #2: Be Visible!

So you’re ready to welcome LGBTQ+ people at your place of worship. Fantastic! Now its time to let everyone know.