Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event!

This online CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event focuses on “facets of my life growing up in – and very slowly opening – the closet,” writes Chaim Ezra Harrison.

In this recorded event Chaim explores discovering Judaism, navigating his Black/biracial identity, and how his identities intersect to make him who he is.  Chaim’s goal in telling his story is to help you find yours, whatever the complexities of your own identity.

Chaim Ezra Harrison (he/him) is a the Communications Manager of Keshet with years of experience creating innovative content within and outside the Jewish nonprofit world.  A Black bisexual Jew by Choice, he is involved with and supports the Reform Jewish Movement, his local Jewish Federation, and progressive Judaism as a whole.  A two-time “36 Under 36” recipient, Chaim lives in metro Detroit


This event was recorded on 13 January 2022.