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Queer and Catholic: Making Sense of Recent (and Confusing) Catholic Statements on LGBTQ Issues

Click above video link to view a recording of this webinar! LGBTQ-RAN, DignityUSA, and the CLGS Catholic Roundtable co-sponsored this webinar which features an exploration of recent (and confusing!) statements by Roman Catholic leaders on homosexuality, Transgender persons, and same-sex relationships.  While, on the one hand, Pope Francis has made some positive statements regarding queer […]

The 17th Annual | 2024 CLGS Boswell Lecture: Professor Luis Menéndez-Antuña Speaks on Why Do Biblical Interpreters Hate Sex So Much?


Why Do Biblical Interpreters Hate Sex So Much? Professor Luis Menéndez-Antuña Click here for a video recording of this CLGS John E. Boswell Lecture! Biblical interpreters hate sex, one might think, because of the church’s age-old war against sex or the church’s inability to think of healthy sexual arrangements outside of heterosexual monogamous marriage. In […]

Queering Resistance: Decolonizing Feminist Spaces with Professor Alexandra M. Rosado-Román


Click here to view a video recording of this CLGS Lavender Lunch! In this CLGS Lavender Lunch Professor Alexandra Rosado-Román explores queerness as a transgressive action and a methodological tool for disrupting established norms in various aspects of life, from spaces and practices to language. Beyond discussions of pride and sexual liberation, this conversation focuses […]

Sublime Divinations, Edition 3: Queer AAPI Elemental Magic


Click here to view a video recording of this online CLGS Asian American Pacific Island Roundtable! The purpose of AAPIRT’s annual zine, Sublime Divinations is to 1) provide a more spiritually expansive and exploratory creative space for LGBTQIA+ AAPI folks and their accomplices and 2) document and archive LGBTQIA+ AAPI stories and narratives around spirituality, faith, […]