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The book Expanding Gender: The Wisdom of Transkeit for Jews and Allies is an extraordinary collection of essays by trans Jews and allies that explores cutting edge ideas about gender through the lenses of tradition, art, autobiography, and solidarity. The volume features an analysis of Biblical and Rabbinic thinking, sample rituals, guidance on Jewish practice, spoken word poetry, music, trans Jewish history, psychology and personal stories.

The authors are richly diverse and include: trans pioneer Kate Bornstein, a drag queen rabbi, Jews by Choice, Jews of Color, the Jewish consultant to the show Transparent, Orthodox Jews, a Jewish priestess, and a Metropolitan Community Church minister. Each page reveals startling insights into the construction and disruption of gender from a Jewish perspective.

Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman (all pronouns welcome) is one of the co-editors of Transkeit. Litman is the coordinator of the Jewish Roundtable at the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS). Litman is a hospice chaplain and the rabbi of the Chico Havurah, a radically inclusive Jewish congregation.



Rev. Jakob Hero-Shaw (he/him) is one of the co-editors of Transkeit. He is the coordinator of the Transgender Roundtable at the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS) and a faculty member of the Trans Seminarian Leadership Cohort. He is the Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Tampa.


Co-Sponsored by the CLGS Transgender Roundtable


This CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event was recorded on 9 December 2021.