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Upcoming Events

Queering the Passover Seder | A CLGS Jewish Queeries Series Event

16 April 2024
2pm to 3pm (Pacific Time)

Click here to join this online CLGS Jewish Queries Series via Zoom! Passover celebrates the “Exodus/Coming Out from Egypt” and our Passover Seder liturgy declares: “In every generation, each person should see themselves as if they themselves had  come out..:”  In this CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event we explore these questions: How can we bring our […]

God of the Intersections: Latinx Perspectives on Ministry with Rhina Ramos, Yadi Martínez-Reyna, and RJ Robles | An Online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation

17 April 2024
1pm to 2pm (Pacific Time)

Click here to join this CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation via Zoom! In this online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation, sponsored by The CLGS Latinx Roundtable | Fe, Familia, Igualdad, Rhina Ramos, Yadi Martínez-Reyna, and RJ Robles lead us in a conversation in which we explore a borderless, genderless God, a God of vastness and infinite grace, and how […]

The 17th Annual | 2024 CLGS Boswell Lecture: Professor Luis Menéndez-Antuña Speaks on Why Do Biblical Interpreters Hate Sex So Much?

18 April 2024
4pm to 5:30pm (Pacific Time)

Why Do Biblical Interpreters Hate Sex So Much? Professor Luis Menéndez-Antuña Click here to register in advance for this online lecture! Biblical interpreters hate sex, one might think, because of the church’s age-old war against sex or the church’s inability to think of healthy sexual arrangements outside of heterosexual monogamous marriage. In this view, Paul’s […]

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