The CLGS Archives Project: The CLGS Archives Project seeks to obtain, preserve, and make available the papers of significant individuals and organizations in the history of religion and LGBTQ issues in American society.

The Pacific School of Religion’s Certificate of Sexuality and Religion, managed by CLGS, provides working professionals and students with knowledge and skills to apply theological, historical, ethical, pastoral, and practical dimensions of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity to their religious vocations. The goal of the CSR program is to help students to demonstrate the following skills in vocations of religious leadership and work:

  • Think theologically about contemporary sexual practices and identities
  • Understand the history of faith traditions in regard to sexuality and sexual identity
  • Speak knowledgeably about contemporary sexual practices and the scientific and psychological information relevant to them
  • Consider the historical and theological development of ethical systems used to evaluate and regulate moral judgments concerning various sexual practices and identities within faith traditions
  • Gain authority and expertise in leading discussions on issues of religion and sexuality both within faith traditions and within society more broadly