A scripturally sound presentation of biblical passages often used to condemn LGBTQ persons.


This booklet is for you, for your family, and for your church.

The explanations that follow on how to interpret the Bible are taken from today’s mainstream biblical scholars. The explanations and interpretations included in this booklet represent a strong consensus among biblical scholars across the world today.

In other words, the interpretations and explanations that we include here are the most reliable, accurate, and frequently cited among biblical scholars when it comes to understanding the biblical texts usually said to refer to homosexuality.

Let’s begin with some basics.

  1. We have to avoid speaking in the singular. We should avoid thinking that there has only been one Christianity, one way of being Christian, one Christian response to homosexuality, or one way of understanding homosexuality among Christians.
    • Throughout the twenty centuries of Christian history, the reactions to homosexuality have not always been the same.
    • From the reformations of the 16th century to today, the reactions of Christian denominations have not always been the same. In fact, there has been a great variety of responses to homosexuality among the churches throughout Christian history.
    • That’s why we cannot say that Christianity (in the singular) has had this or that one reaction or response to homosexuality.
    • We must admit that, historically, there have been (and there still are) different ways of being Christian, and each one of these ways has had (historically) more than one reaction or response to homosexuality.
    • And we should also recognize that there is not only one Christian way of understanding homosexuality.
    • No one person, and no one Christian denomination, has the monopoly on what it means to be Christian.
    • No one person, and no one Christian denomination, has the only possible Christian interpretation of homosexuality.

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