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In this CLGS Asian American/Pacific Islander Roundtable APIRT workshop we focus on inner spiritual landscaping and explore the textures, sensations, sacred experiences connected with our inner landscapes as a form of compassionate queer altar making. 

Maij Vu Mai (they/he/sib/homie/fam, M.Div) currently serves as the Asian/American and Pacific Islander Roundtable Coordinator at the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion at the Pacific School of Religion.

Maij is a Black Asian Trans Queer Neurodivergent MaGe who is devoted to creating radical healing spaces where marginalized folks (primarily Queer & Trans/Gender Expansive folks, Black folks, Folks of Color, Disabled folks, Neurodivergent/ expansive folks, & Sensuality Practitioners) can tap into their own alchemical power and knowledge ecosystems.

A creative visionary, organizer, and liberation companion from the South, their soul work centers the bodies, voices, and lived experiences of oppressed peoples striving to transform their imaginations and worlds.

This CLGS Event was recorded on 6 June 2023