This community-based resource is a great introductory guideĀ in learning more about LGBTQ+ persons. Gaining this knowledge is important to becoming more welcoming to LGBQ+, trans, and gender non-conforming persons. It is important to acknowledge that there is an ongoing learning process. No matter how successful an individual, family member, or a congregation is in welcoming LGBTQ+ people, there is always room to grow and extend your acceptance, understanding and affirmation.

This guide is specifically for LGBTQ+ persons, families and church communities, and others who want to respond in a more affirming way to them. Whether you are an LGBQT+ person, a parent or friend, you are probably curious about what the bible says about homosexuality and gender and we hope that the following biblical interpretation of various biblical texts will help people and communities be more affirming and supportive of LGBTQ+ persons.

This guide is divided into two sections: Section 1 is on Sexuality and the Bible; Section 2 beginning on page 14 is on Gender and the Bible.