19 January 2024

Build coalitions with other communities of faith who are engaged in similar work and are LGBTQ inclusive!

Working together in coalition can strengthen our work and remind us that we are part of a larger community. We can accomplish more together than we can as individuals. Find out which other congregations in your area are LGBTQ inclusive and talk with their leadership.

There are many things you can do together:

  • Hold a potluck or picnic together to get to know each other better and build connections between people who care about these issues.
  • Have a program, or series of programs, that explore some topic related to sexuality and gender. You might co-sponsor an event or hold a series of programs in each of your spaces. This way you can increase the number of educational offerings available to people in your community while sharing in the costs of programs, publicity and so on.
  • Work together as people of faith at Pride. You might march as a single faith contingent at Pride. You can each bring your own banners but walk as a group to show your unity and commitment as people of faith. You could also table together or hold a Pride worship service.
  • Come together to commemorate World AIDS Day, Transgender Day of  Visibility, Transgender Day of  Remembrance, and other important occasions, offering worship and programming for the community.
  • Create a list of affirming congregations in your area so that you can easily refer someone of another faith or denomination to a welcoming group.
  • Speak out publicly as a unified group of clergy and lay people in favor of LGBTQ rights and against discriminatory legislation and practices in your area.
  • Work in coalition for social justice, addressing homelessness, poverty, racism, police brutality and other issues that confront your communities.

By working together, we can accomplish more and feel better supported in our work. Who could you partner with that you have not yet connected with?

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