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Boswell Lecture 2014: “Queer Theology and Social Transformation: Points of Contact, Points of Conflict”


Dr. Jay Michaelson delivered the Seventh Annual CLGS John. E Boswell lecture on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Pacific School of Religion. Abstract: Queer theology holds forth the promise of reinventing theological discourse in the light of LGBTQ experience, queer theory, and a hermeneutic informed by marginalized voices and outsider discourse. But how does the […]

Boswell Lecture 2013: “How Does a Queer Feminist Remain a Christian?”


Professor Lisa Isherwood, Director of Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester (UK), delivered the Sixth Annual Boswell Lecture on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, titled, “How Does a Queer Feminist Remain a Christian?” Tensions abound in nearly every word of this lecture’s title – how can one be a feminist and queer or queer and a Christian? How can one need a category such as “woman” in order to give feminism a focus and still wish to queer the notion of women without doing intellectual and emotional contortions?

Harkness Lecture 2011: “The Gravity of Love: Theopoetics in a Queer World”


Laurel C. Schneider, Professor of Theology, Ethics, and Culture at Chicago Theological Seminary delivered the second annual Georgia Harkness Lecture. In tribute to Georgia Harkness’s own interest in poetry, Dr. Schneider explores ways in which theopoetics, an emergent mode of theological reflection, can offer pathways for embodied, queer theology that is “other-wise.”