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Harkness Lecture 2013: “Borderlands and Disposable Women: Ecological Ruin and the Maquiladora Murders”


Ecofeminists, particularly in the work of Yvonne Gebara, have called Christians to think about the connections between poverty, violence (to Earth and humans), and gender. This lecture examines how this long history of violence and ecological ruin along the U.S./Mexico border theologically has expanded to a femicide that in the last decades has claimed more than two thousand female lives, the majority maquildaorda workers, in the city of Juárez.

Harkness Lecture 2012: “Asking About What Is Better: Intersex, Disability, and Inaugurated Eschatology”


Abstract: Intersex conditions, wherein people cannot be categorized as clearly male or female according to current definitions, are often discussed in relation to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities, but might also be figured as a non-pathological physical difference akin to a disability. In this paper I suggest that the overlaps between theological conceptions of […]