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The Ark assembles intimate video diaries of queer people and our friends made in quarantine, highlighting the isolation, longing, and loss wrought by the pandemic. This short film builds on the story of Noach and the flood to examine the complexity of our survival. The film invites the viewer to process the changes they too have experienced over the past year and offers ancient Jewish wisdom for how we can find wholeness in this uncertain transitional moment.  In this CLGS Jewish Queeries Series event Nessa talks about the important role of queer narratives in the work of building a more equitable, compassionate society.

Nessa Norich is a writer and director making film and performance in New York City. She is one of three artists that make up Well of Wills, a socially engaged Jewish art collective creating films, performances, and community arts programs that adapt Jewish stories and practices to build a world where all human beings recognize our shared interdependence. Their work has been showcased at the American Dance Festival, Yiddish New York, and House of Yes among others. Most recently, The Ark was selected for the Chain NYC Film Festival (August 2021), and we will be 2021 J.A.W. Breaker Fellows with the Amen Institute.

To learn more, go to Well of Wills and to Nessa Norich’s website.


This event was recorded on 21 October 2021.