This booklet is for you, for your family, and for your church. Read it slowly, think about what you are reading, talk it over with your family and friends, but above all: put it into practice!


1. God is love, and all of us were created in God’s image. That’s why all of us have the same dignity. Christians1 believe that God loves all human beings, always and everywhere, without limits, without conditions, and without exceptions. Why? Because Christians have always held that the God they believe in IS compassionate love. And if God IS love, then God can never act in any way or with any motive contrary to limitless love. In fact, if God were to ever act in any way or with any other motive besides love (or contrary to love), God would stop being God… and that is impossible.

That’s why Christians have always trusted God to forgive and understand them. That’s also why the main and most important commandment Jesus taught us was to love God and neighbor—regardless of who that neighbor is. Jesus accused of being hypocrites those who would first look at the neighbor and his/her behavior before deciding that the neighbor was “worthy” of love.

To love others without limit, without conditions and without exceptions, is to try to imitate how God IS and loves. And those who imitate God can’t go wrong, even if they cannot “explain” the reasons for that love. As an old Spanish saying goes: “Deeds are love, and not its good reasons.” In other words, love is action, life, commitment—not the nice words or the good explanations we might give about love.