Click HERE for a video recording of this Jewish Queeries Series Event!

In this first CLGS Jewish Queeries event of 2020-2021, Jericho Vincent, a genderqueer post-ultra-Orthodox Jew, offers a fascinating exploration of gender, Torah, and authenticity.  Some of the questions they explore include the following:

  • What does Judaism have to teach us about gender?
  • In what ways might understanding genderqueer identities expand and deepen the spiritual lives of all people?
  • Who do we have to prove ourselves to as we claim our gender identities, and how is that process similar to claiming a spiritual identity?

Drawing together ancient sources, personal stories, and a provocative series of paintings, Jericho discusses new pathways to authenticity and connection through gender and Torah.

Jericho Vincent is the author of the memoir Cut Me Loose and the co-author of Legends of the Talmud.  Their essays on trauma, gender, and Judaism have appeared in The New York TimesThe RumpusMask MagazineSalonThe Daily Beast, and The Cut.

For their community organizing and their writing, Jericho was named to the Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” and to The Forward’s “Forward 50.” They were a Pforzheimer Fellow at Harvard University, where they earned a master’s degree in Public Policy. Jericho is currently studying as a rabbinical candidate while working on a book about intergenerational trauma.