Queer and Catholic: An Oral History Interview with Stephanie Battaglino

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Stephanie Battaglino

Stephanie Battaglino (she/her) is a trans woman, activist, and speaker. She is the author of the book, Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America (2021). She came out as a trans woman in 2005, while working as a corporate vice-president for New York Life. Since then, she has focused on trans education, awareness, and inclusion, including among Catholic communities.

Born in Newark in 1958, New Jersey to a religiously Catholic Italian American family, Battaglino describes her upbringing, her experiences of faith and gender expression, and her transition in this interview.

Keywords: Transgender Catholics, Sister Luisa Derouen, International Foundation for Gender Education, Rhythm Kid, COVID-19 pandemic, Kearny, New Jersey, Morristown, New Jersey, Kearny, New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey, pre-Vatican II, University of Delaware, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Social Services, Recovering Catholics, Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona, Palm Desert, California You can find a full interview transcript and more interviews on the project website.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the interview is split into two parts.

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This interview was conducted by Emma Cieslik, Project Director, with Stephanie Battaglino on 7 December 2022

Queer and Catholic, an Oral History Project of the CLGS Catholic Roundtable, interviews:

  • People who identify as LGBTQIA+ and Catholic (in the past or present);
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  • People who identify as culturally Catholic, in any manifestation that this culture takes form.

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