Many communities, large and small, have LGBTQ Community Centers or local groups.  One way to show your support is to support them and get involved with these important gathering spots for the community. Visit the CenterLink LGBT Community Center Member Directory to find a community center in your state or city. Here are some suggestions:

  • Meet with community center leadership and ask what their needs are. See if you may be able to help meet those needs. Let them know that your congregation is inclusive and eager to partner with them in the future. Often local groups are glad to know about supportive communities of faith.
  • Help get the word out about their programs—put flyers on your bulletin boards, share their events on your social media pages, and include applicable programs in your newsletter.
  • Provide financial support by making a donation on behalf of your congregation or attend their events.  For example, buy a table at a fundraising gala they are holding.  This not only supports their event but is a great outreach opportunity for your community.  If they are interested, you could also hold a fundraiser on their behalf.
  • Advertise in each other’s newsletters or on your websites.  There might be a charge for advertising or you could agree to swap advertisements.
  • Hold programs at the community center that you feel are of broad interest.  You might rent space there for your programming or partner together to bring a speaker, performance, or other event.
  • If the community center space is small and you have a larger meeting or worship space, offer your space for bigger programs, such as popular speakers or performances.
  • Continue to listen to community leaders about their needs and how they feel local congregations can help.

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