Community Action Forum:
Confronting Violence Against Transgender Communities

Saturday, October 17, 1:00pm – 5:00pm
City of Refuge, UCC

1:00pm-2:45pm  Community Action Forum:
This will be a space to articulate and develop shared understandings of the multiple forms of violence that impact transgender, genderqueer & gender non-conforming peoples. We will discuss ways of addressing violence against transgender women of color in particular, as well as violence as it happens throughout our communities. We will engage with the organizing, healing, and advocacy work that is being done locally and across the globe and examine what ways progressive faith communities, leaders and organizations can show up for anti-violence work.  After this opening discussion, we will channel our energy into smaller breakout groups on concrete next steps and practices.  CLGS is partnering with local transgender organizing groups and faith leaders on planning this forum.

3:00pm-4:45pm  Action Forum Breakout Sessions:
These breakout sessions will focus on current organizing efforts locally and nationally, art & healing activities, resourcing/funding projects and solidarity work.

This Session of the Summit is Free & Open to the Public