CLGS is partnering with local bay area congregations and community organizers to develop a congregation-based support system for LGBTQ refugees and asylees in the Bay Area.  We would like to invite opening and affirming congregations to get involved by providing basic accompaniment for refugees including support in finding housing, employment, and building community networks. You can also help us raise awareness about the need for improved policies and services to help refugees rebuild their lives in the U.S.

In addition to seeking congregational support, CLGS is researching and exploring how to expand our mission to advocate for LGBTQ issues globally. This involves discovering ways in which CLGS can serve as a strategic facilitator or collaborator with other faith-based and LGBTQ organizations on immigration justice and international human rights issues effecting sexual and gender minorities.

Included in this endeavor is researching and exploring the needs of the international LGBTQ community in the SF Bay Area, especially LGBTQ refugees from outside the United States.