This online graduate level (3-credit) course offers an historical overview and survey of attitudes toward homoeroticism and homosexuality in ancient, medieval, and modern Christianity in the West and in present-day American Christianities. Several key figures, texts, and movements will be considered and analyzed with a view toward understanding and interpreting their impact on contemporary debates.

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  • Ancient Foundations I: Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ancient Foundations II: Hebrew and Christian Scriptures
  • Ancient Foundations III: Early and Late Antique Christianity
  • The Medieval World I: The Invention of Sodomy
  • The Medieval World II: The Formation of a Persecuting Society
  • The Renaissance: Two Case Studies
  • Sexuality, the Family, and Same-Sex Desire in Reformation Europe
  • Modern Understandings of Same-Sex Desire I
  • Modern Understandings of Same-Sex Desire II
  • Contemporary Christianity I
  • Contemporary Christianity II