CLGS is proud to be a Community Partner of the Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2017.

“Beloved Community”

QWOCMAP’s 13th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival will premiere 30 films in 4 screenings. The “Beloved Community” Festival Focus includes an “Unleash The Power” conversation on collective self-care for challenging political times. From the resilient wisdom of LBTQ people of color to the power of prayer for a young Muslim woman and a young Black Christian woman, these films encourage communities to find their squad and unleash their super powers to create change. All films are Subtitled for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing and ASL interpretation will be provided along with many other forms of disability access.

View the Spiritual and Religious films 

Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2017 Schedule


Opening Night Screening:

 Friday, June 9, 2017

7:30 PM, Doors Open 6:30 PM

While Muslim and Christian women become shining beacons, queer Black women vanquish trauma, Vietnamese queers create a safe haven, queer/trans Latinx artivists soar, and buoyant passion saves the day.

Film: Home, by Jed Rodriguez

A young queer/trans Latinx soars Home to connect with his grandma, his culture, and his identity through enchiladas.


La Entrevista by Bersath Verdugo

In La Entrevista (The Interview), Verdugo adapts the format of a morning show to interview herself and talk about her life as a translatina, calling for greater acceptance of trans WOC. The choice of casting herself as both the interviewer and the interviewed made me wonder if Verdugo was presenting an internalized debate, ruminating on the cornerstones of her life— religion, family, trans identity—and eventually opening the debate to an external audience as she claims these aspects of her life. The “interview” concludes with a sense that many more stories like Verdugo’s deserve to be heard.



sadāqa by Neelu Bhuman

The immense strength of friendship among Asian women transcends borders in sadāqa.


Bi/Black/BodyPositive/Bliss by Misia Denéa
Bi/Black/BodyPositive/Bliss is a blazing emblem for plus-sized, queer, African/Indigenous ancestry often rejected by the world.


Call to Prayer by Sarah O’Neal & Tia Jackson

For a young Muslim woman and her Christian friend, a benevolent Call To Prayer becomes a beacon for healing.