Sexuality Issues for Religious Professionals: A January 2021 ONLINE Graduate Course with Rev. Dr. Debra Haffner

by Bernard Schlager

CLGS is excited to be co-sponsoring this ONLINE course in January 2021 for religious professionals and graduate students, including those in Pacific School of Religion’s Certificate of Sexuality and Religion program!

This online course offers students the knowledge and skills they need to address sexuality issues in their current and future ministries.  The course will begin with opportunities for students to reflect on their own sexuality attitudes, values, and beliefs, as well has how their sexual identity and personal sexual history may affect their ministry.

Topics covered in this course include: foundational knowledge about sexuality issues; the interrelationship of sexuality and religion; and opportunities for the development of skills to provide counseling, education, preaching, and public witness on sexuality issues.

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January 11 – 15 2021: From 1pm to 3pm (Eastern Time)

January 18 – 22 2021: From 1pm to 3pm (Eastern Time)


  • Introduction to Sexuality and Religion, Defining sexuality, Circles of Sexuality, Sexually Healthy Adults, Religious Professionals, Congregations
  • SOGIE: Sexual, Romantic, Gender: Orientations, Identities, and Expressions
  • Sexuality Through the Lifespan
  • Worship & Preaching, Scripture and Sexuality
  • Pastoral Care on Sexuality Topics
  • Sexuality Education in Churches
  • Safer Congregations
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention
  • Social Justice for Sexual Rights: People of Faith Respond
  • Worship Service on Sexuality

Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and has been a sexologist for more than 45 years. She was the co-founder and President of the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality,  Justice, and Healing for 15 years and the President and CEO of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. for 12 years.

She is the author of seven books and has taught sexuality classes for religious professionals at Pacific School of Religion, Yale Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, and Meadville-Lombard Seminary.  She earned her DMin degree from PSR in 2016; her MDiv degree from Union in 2002; and her Masters of Public Health from the Yale School of Medicine in 1979.  Dr. Haffner was granted an honorary Doctorate of Public Service degree from Widener University in recognition of her lifetime of scholarship and advocacy.