Members of the CLGS Latinx Roundtable

Members of the Latinx Roundtable

Gathering to continue their transformative work on LGBTQIA+ acceptance in the Latino/a/x community, members of Fe, Familia, Igualdad: The Latinx Roundtable issued the following statement:

Faith, Family, Equality: The Latinx Roundtable condemns oppression and inequality and joins the anti-oppression efforts of the thousands of other LGBTQIA+ activists and allies at the Creating Change 2017 conference in Philadelphia (sponsored by the National LGBTQ Task Force).  This is particularly important and urgent during these times where many have a sense of fear and uncertainty.  We will continue to stand in solidarity with women, LGBTQIA+ and Latinx persons, refugees, immigrants and undocumented persons, Muslims, and other marginalized communities by continuing our work with Latinx persons, families, and faith communities for LGBTQ+ affirmation, acceptance and understanding.  Together we will work to fulfill the dreams and hopes of justice.

Faith, Family, Equality: The Latinx Roundtable is comprised of Latino/a/x pastors, academics, social service providers, parents, community organizers and others who are committed to the full acceptance of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Their work includes a strong focus on families, offering vital materials to help parents and other relatives understand, support, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ loved ones. These culturally relevant resources address religious and social issues that families are concerned about. Their bilingual website,, has many resources for Latino/a/x people and their families, and will add Portuguese resources shortly. All resources are available online as a free download; print copies are available at no charge upon request to individuals, churches, and community groups.