Advocates in North Carolina speak out about their work to repeal HB 2, a bill that targets transgender people, LGBTQ people, and workers for discrimination. On May 10, 2016 we held this webinar to hear directly from transgender and gender non-conforming people of faith from North Carolina to learn more about the spiritual and political struggle in that state. Our panelists will talk about the impact the law has had on them and their communities and reflect spiritually about their experiences and activism. They’ll also share their thoughts on how people from around the country can assist them in this struggle.

Panelists Include:
– Rev. Mykal Slack, MCC Pastor & Director of Spiritual Outreach for Trans People of Color Coalition
– Mykal Shannon, Transgender Faith & Action Network
– Angel Celeste Collie, Assistant Director of the LGBTQ Center at the University of North Carolina
– Debra Hopkins, Associate Minister, Sacred Souls Community Church