The Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion African-American Roundtable and Many Voices are pleased to host the sixth Souls A’ Fire Conference focused on the next generation of Black Queer Theology.  We are continuing the rich tradition of encouraging our young scholars in their current work as well as learning from seasoned theologians and preachers as they explore the intersections of African-American culture, the church and LGBTQ identity.  It also promises to be a time of retreat and inspiration through ritual, praise and worship. The 44th Annual Antoinette Brown Lecture on the campus of Vanderbilt Divinity School will kick off this year’s conference. Dr. Nikki Young, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Religion at Bucknell University will be the lecturer on March 22, 2018.

In 2003, the CLGS African American Roundtable organized the first national gathering of black pastors, scholars and activists to consider the intersections of African-American culture, the church and LGBTQ identity at the Souls a’Fire conference in Berkeley. Souls a’Fire 2 was held in 2005 in Chicago, and Souls a’Fire 3 was held in April of 2007 in Philadelphia. CLGS was pleased to host the return of Souls a’ Fire 4 in Cleveland in August of 2014. Souls a’Fire 5 took place in Oakland in 2016 and we are honored to be in the south for Souls a’Fire 6 in Nashville.

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