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We sometimes imagine that queer love is a new phenomenon, that it never existed before our time. But the reality is that it has always been part of human and Jewish experience, recognized by the Torah and other Jewish textual sources. Join Rabbi Atwood as we look at some traditional texts that explore themes of queer love, talk a bit about our lives and loves, and reflect upon the intersection of queerness and Judaism today.

Rabbi Daniel Atwood was ordained as a rabbi by Yashrut, under Rabbi Daniel Landes, in 2019, after studies in Israel, Yeshiva University, and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. He also holds a BA Summa Cum Laude in Psychology and Jewish Studies from the Honors Program at Yeshiva University. The first openly gay Orthodox ordained rabbi, Rabbi Atwood is a renowned speaker and author on LGBTQ topics in the Orthodox and Jewish communities. He lives in Chicago with his husband where he works as a school teacher.