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In this Lavender Lunch Carla Roland will discuss the findings of the first part of their research project on belonging for Latinx LGBTQ+ persons in the Episcopal Church and the various challenges faced by these communities.  In particular, they explore how folks feel about welcome, inclusion, appreciation, and belonging, and how this is a multivalent challenge that involves gender identity/expression, sexuality, and race/ethnicity.

Rev. Carla E. Roland Guzmán is Coordinator of Faith, Family, Equality: The Latinx Roundtable, a program of the Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS); Dr. Roland is also Rector of the Episcopal Church of Saint Matthew and Saint Timothy, NYC.  Dr. Roland is an Affiliate Faculty in Church History at The General Theological Seminary and is committed to the full inclusion of Latinx persons and LGBTQ persons in all aspects of the church and society.

Rev. Roland recently published Unmasking Latinx Ministry for Episcopalians: An Anglican Approach (Church Publishing, 2020).

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