Rowan Queathem

The state of being transgender is to be constantly enacting and embodying an eschatological vision. Channeling the methodological lenses of groundbreaking queer scholars such as Judith Butler and José Esteban Muñoz, Queathem argue that trans lives and bodies are heavily colored with the utopian, just-out-of-reach essence of Christian eschatology. Examining transgender identity through the lens of eschatology brings a historically marginalized group into the forefront of progressive theology and has the potential to give all theologians new and powerful ways to talk about eschatology as a subject.

Rowan Queathem (he/they) is in the final semester of their MTS and CSR programs at PSR, and (so far) plans to pursue work in LGBTQIA+ inclusion in higher education or as a therapist focusing on helping people in queer and trans communities.

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