Jewish Queerspawn, Grown Up

Jews transmit cultural identity transgenerationally, in a “chain of tradition” (to use the metaphor of the Sages) that is taught by families and communities.  The Jewish community devotes considerable resources to this transmission of culture, and Jewish education has been and continues to be a nexus of Jewish life.

Until recently, queer families and communities didn’t exist, and it was taken as fact that being queer was an individual discovery.  However, the first generation of children raised in intentional LGBT communities is now of age.  Is queerness similar to Judaism?  Can it be handed down through families and communities?  Or is it fundamentally different, and if so, how.

Zach Hauptman is a Research Services Librarian with an international law firm by day, a poet by night, and a genderqueer nerd at all times (they/them pronouns).  With their group, Truth Sans Justice, they run panels on popular culture, misogyny and the queer community, and write games that run in and around the SF Bay Area. In their copious free time, they write poetry, short fiction and snarky blogs about social issues.










Watch it live: Jewish Queerspawn, Grown Up