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Lenia Pacheco Salas (she/her/ella) was born in Cuba and came to the USA with a religious catholic order, the Sister Missionaries of Charity of Mother Theresa of Calcutta (a contemplative branch of the order).

After seven years in the convent, Lenia realized that the convent wasn’t the place that God wanted her to be.  While it was a very difficult decision to leave the convent, she felt that doing God’s will was more important.  After leaving the convent and moving to Miami, Florida, Lenia began exploring her sexual orientation. This exploration led her to explore the definition of the word “queer,” which ended up being a word that she identifies with.

This Queer Latinx Faith Conversation will continue Lenia’s story from Convent to acceptance to seminary.

Join us for our first online CLGS Queer & Latinx Faith Conversation of 2023!