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In this Queeries Series event we will explore what Midrash is classically, and how it can be used in a modern context to queer texts, religious and secular. We will start with a foundational text of the United States to show that the process works with secular texts as well.
We will then explore two original texts written by the presenter.

Following this, participants will work individually or in small groups to write a short Midrash on the foundational text of their choice. This text can be any text, secular or religious, political, factual, fictitious, or religious from any faith. Volunteers will then be asked to share their work, and the group will explore how these writings can help bring justice to the fractured world.

Rabbah Rona Matlow is a retired Navy nuclear power officer and disabled veteran who uses ze/hir pronouns. Ze identifies as a queer non-binary trans woman. Ze is an educator, counselor, advocate and activist in the veteran, Jewish and LGBTQ+ communities. Ze has been married to hir wife Susan for almost 36 years. Hir book “We are God’s Children Too” will be released this summer. Visit hir website ( for more information about hir.