Sponsored by The Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center:

“This is a virtual session in an ongoing 4-part series for families supporting with gender diverse children. Our focus will be on what “family” means within the context of the trans* and gender fluid life. We welcome families of all flavors – birth, adoptive, chosen – and family members of all ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

This session will focus on the challenges, hopes, and learnings of having a child who identifies as trans*, gender fluid, and/or gender non-conforming. Led by Dominick Petitto, M.S., NCC, together, we will share information and stories to help families connect amongst themselves and with others.

Dominick is a Transmale , who is passionate about creating a more accepting and inclusive environment for Transgender youth.  He  is a National Certified Counselor who  specializes in working with individuals who identify as part of the Transgender/Gender Expansive community.   Dominick is the President of the Pennsylvania Society for Sexual Affectional, Intersex, and Gender Expansive Identities, where he helps coordinate training for professionals on how to work with members of the LGBT+ community. He currently works as a school based therapist through Friendship House where he services kindergarten to fifth grade children from a very diverse backgrounds. He also works in Resilience Counseling Associates, a private practice where he provides individualized counseling to individuals who identify as part of the LGBT+ community.”

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If you have any questions, please contact jeanr@kirkridge.org or justinej@kirkridge.org.