Click here to submit an item for Sublime Divinations, the second edition of CLGS’ AAPIRT zine!

The Asian/American & Pacific Islander Roundtable (AAPIRT), a program of The Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion (CLGS), is committed to cultivating a world where AAPI LGBTQ+ communities and their allies can freely imagine, create, and sustain spiritual/ faith-based identities, practices, and communities that affirm their full dignity and humanity.  The AAPIRT’s zine project goal is to curate a creative community art space where LGBTQ+ Asian/American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) identified folks can share spiritually inspired/faith-based art pieces, writings, poems, prayers, meditations, musings, etc. that affirm their full dignity and humanity.

The theme for the AAPIRT’s 2nd zine edition is Sublime Divinations, which will invite LGBTQ+ AAPI community members to explore and share their own unique methods and practices of sacred divination. This particular zine understands divination as the act of attempting to find a pattern or symbol in the natural world as a way of connecting with deities, spirits or the Universe, to gain guidance, introspection and prediction” (Vamvoukakis, 2002).
*** Please note that there are many different types, practices, and understandings of divination and that this particular zine is interested in how YOU understand and come to divination as a spiritual methodology for YOU.
This submission form is designed to offer multiple access points for submission– not all sections are required and contributors are invited to respond to the prompts as they feel led.
There are 4 sections to this zine submission form:
  • Section 1 of this form will collect some basic demographic data.
  • Section 2 is a digital submission space where folks can upload their submissions to the zine’s theme.
  • Section 3 offers a set of reflective prompts that invite folks to more deeply engage with the zine’s theme.
  • Section 4 asks for consent & contact information for follow up.
To explore the AAPIRT’s 1st zine edition, “The Orange Left at the Altar,” for submission inspiration, clichere.

Submissions for this zine edition are due by Tuesday, 31 January 2023 

All questions about this zine edition can be forwarded to