Gracious Creator,

As we enter this new year, we have an array of emotions.

We feel joyous, as we have with each dawning of a year full of hope and possibilities.

We feel anxious, as we carry over the emotional heaviness from 2020.

We feel generous, as we desire to give to others who bore the brunt of devastating loss last year.

We feel skeptical, as we wonder if the change we seek will be manifested.

We feel blessed, for another day, another year, and another opportunity to seek your loving presence and for our dreams to come true.

We believed at the beginning of last year that 2020 was going to be a year of clarity, renewed focus, and great prosperity.

We now embrace the old saying, “Hindsight is 2020.”

Help us to see, to learn, to know that all that we endured in this past year does not define us.

It only makes us stronger and more faithful, more caring, more aware, and more committed to justice for all.

Gracious Creator,  continue to hold our hand throughout 2021 and may we be more like you.

Blessed Be Your Name!

Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow, Coordinator of the CLGS African American Roundtable