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Kelsey Pacha is a queer-identified transman who has worked with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people for 13 years, primarily in non-profit settings.

He holds a Master of Arts in Religion and Psychology, a Master of Divinity, and a Certificate in Sexuality and Religion from Pacific School of Religion, located in Berkeley, CA. His thesis, Beloved Communities: Religion and Spirituality in LGBT Community Centers, won CLGS’ 2017 Marcella Althaus-Reid Award for “the best student essay in queering religion and theology.

Kesley was recently interviewed on And So We Meet Again,  a podcast about faith and culture where Kelsey shares how his faith, gender, and sexuality journeys intersect.  “I also had a chance,” he says, “to share a framework to understand gender that I use in every LGBTQ presentation I facilitate called the three dimensions of gender.”

To get a sense of how Kelsey explains this framework, listen from 11:45 to 21:30. Or listen to the entire 65 minutes if you’d like to hear the rigins of my spiritually-informed consulting work.  Click here to listen!