Members of the Latinx Roundtable

Members of the Latinx Roundtable: Rev. Mari Castellanos, Charlie Cortes, Rev. Carla E. Roland Guzmán, Rev. Rosa Frias

The members of the Faith, Family, and Equality: The Latinx Roundtable, meeting in Berkeley, CA (May 23-25, 2016), want to express our unrelenting support of all LGBTQIA+ persons in North Carolina.

As a faith-based queer Latinx organization we condemn the intent of HB2 or any other legislation that aims to or results in the disenfranchisement and dehumanizing of any person or group.  Furthermore, we support all of the Latinx and faith communities that have spoken against and continue to speak against discrimination in any form, including the legalized discrimination embodied in HB2 in the state of North Carolina.

About the Faith, Family, Equality: The Latinx Roundtable

Founded in 2010 as an initiative of CLGS to address the Latinx faith leaders’ concerns that there needed to be a central project that would help Latinx families understand and accept their LGBTQAI+ family member(s) and embrace them with love.  The roundtable has as a mission statement: To promote understanding, acceptance and affirmation of Latinx LGBTQIA+ persons and their families by transforming Latinx faith communities and the wider Latinx community.


At the meeting of the Latinx Roundtable (L-R): Rev. Mari Castellanos, Rev. Rosa Frias, Elba Goostree (speaking)

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