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In this online CLGS Lavender Lunch, Dr. Stephanie Dykes provides an introduction to what it means to be transgender, with an emphasis on current anti – transgender legislation. Dr. Dykes then describes the pivotal role played by her own experiences of reconciling her faith as a Lutheran Christian with her gender identity.

This event closes with some recommendations on how cisgender persons can be allies to transgender and gender-diverse communities.

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Dr. Stephanie Dykes, PhD, is an out and proud transwoman, living in Seattle, Washington, where she works as the executive director of institutional effectiveness at North Seattle College.  With over 40 years’ work experience in education and business, Dr. Dykes earned her PhD in educational research and measurement and her Master of Arts in teaching from the University of South Carolina. She completed her undergraduate work in history and business administration from Clemson University.

Dr. Dykes has spoken at numerous conferences in the United States and Canada on the topics of gender and women’s studies as well as on institutional research.  She has also spoken at colleges and universities across the United States about her experiences as a transgender woman.  Dr. Dykes is the father of a 29-year-old son and she sings bass with the Seattle Men’s Chorus. She is a also member of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland, Washington, where she is a featured soloist.