What issues are most of concern to your local LGBTQ communities?  How could they best be addressed in your area?  During this time of Covid-19, consider hosting an online community forum to help raise awareness and talk about how this issue is affecting people in your neighborhood, town or city.  You can invite community members, local decision makers, and other interested groups to share their knowledge and ideas.

Some possible topics include:

Talk to members of your congregation and local community to get ideas about what people are concerned about and passionate to address. You may want to form a small committee to weigh the different ideas and decide on the issue. This same group can then help select speakers, do outreach, and assist with the event.

Once you’ve selected your topic, there are some great resources out there to help you in your planning. Two we suggest are:

Planning a community forum allows your congregation to play a vital role in addressing the issues facing your local community. It demonstrates to community members that you care about improving the lives of LGBTQ people and our families. It shows that your commitment goes much deeper than words.

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